Orlando Science Center – “Field Trip Video”

Currently, we are working on putting together another video for the Orlando Science Center. This one will be up on their website upon completion and is a fun informational video for teachers to view about the procedures of bringing their kids to the Orlando Science Center for their field trip.  Stay tuned! 

Website Update

It’s been a while, but I’ve updated the websites portfolios. Make sure you check out all three! In the Demo Reels Portfolio you’ll find demo reels for both Nerb Productions and some of my personal demo reels (which includes work I’ve done for other production companies as well).  In the Nerb Portfolio, you’ll find all the videos edited or produced by Nerb Productions.  In the Dance Reels Portfolio, you’ll find various dance demo reels done for dancers in the Greater Orlando Area.  I’ve also updated some new background websites for the site as well. Feel free to check out the slideshow.  You can always click the down arrow in the upper left hand of every post or page on this site and it will minimize the page so you can have an unobstructed view of the slide show.


Legacy Escapes Release

The Legacy Escapes video was finally released last week.  You can view it both in the Nerb Portfolio, as well as on www.legacyescapes.com in the lower left corner for “How it Works.”

More videos are currently in the development stages and should hopefully be released within the following month.

Release of Dentist Video

On June 11th, we successfully shot a promotional video for Dr. Bliss’ dentist office in Oviedo.  This marks the first video produced solely by Nerb Productions with enough resources to put together a small crew.  After client approval the video was officially released today on DJ’s vimeo account. Head on over to the portfolio and check the video out! Be sure to browse through the behind the scenes pics as well. 


The video for Legacy Escapes (as well as other projects) will be coming out soon!

Website Re-launch

Just realized I never “officially” launched my website this week.  I wanted to change and add some more pics to the background slideshow, but got called to Miami last minute for a gig.  I will be back in Orlando tomorrow and plan on updating the site soon, but just about everything else is up and running, so feel free to browse around and let me know what you think!


Legacy Escapes

Nerb Productions is currently working on a web-based “video brochure” for a local start-up company.  More info to come after the completed project. Stay tuned!

Prior to Site Re-launch

DJ Stokes, Founder and CEO, launched Nerb Productions, LLC in December of 2009.  While working freelance for other production companies and clients, DJ was able to land and produce projects under the Nerb brand as well.  Some of the early work came from clients such as the Orlando Predators (Arena Football League) and North Brevard Charities, a non-profit organization located in Titusville, Florida.

The Orlando Predators had DJ and Corey Frost film various events and even a weekly “Coaches Show,” which can be seen on their youtube account.  DJ (along with Corey Frost) was granted the freedom to take some of the footage he already owned and develop it into a documentary focused on the Predator dancer/cheer leaders, better known as: The Prowlers.  The documentary focuses on the journey the Prowlers went through to get from first round auditions to the first home game.  This is Nerb Productions TRUE first video under the company name.

North Brevard Charities is the first client that sought out DJ to solely produce a video for them.  They are a Non-Profit Organization located in Titusville, and focus on getting people back on their feet.  The fund-raising video helped explain what their company did, including various things they do to better the community as a whole.  The video was well reviewed and they returned the following year for a part two to their first video.

To view a full portfolio of all of DJ’s work, including for other companies, visit www.dinostokes.com